Sermet Çifter Research Library

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With over 150 new titles a year, Yapı Kredi is one of the biggest publishers in the country. As of 2014, Yapı Kredi Publishing had issued 4,222 titles since its début in 1989. In the period prior to its foundation, Yapı Kredi Bank had issued over 500 titled between 1945 when it had began publishing “Doğan Kardeş”, the children’s magazine). “Doğan Kardeş”, “Sanat Dünyamız”, “Kitap-lık” and “Cogito” are Yapı Kredi periodicals highly acclaimed in their own fields.

Yapı Kredi does not limit its publications to the printed word either, having released some 30 cassettes and CDs to date. Our library welcomes researchers who wish to study this splendid collection. 

Sermet Çifter Research Library

The particular emphasis it places on culture and the arts is Yapı Kredi Bank’s greatest single distinction. With its museum, art galleries, publications and library, Yapı Kredi is leagues ahead of the competition in culture and the arts.

Yapı Kredi Bank’s introduction to cultural activities came with the "Doğan Kardeş" magazine one year after its foundation in 1944. As these activities continued to grow, a library naturally evolved, initially only open to the staff. Expansion continued with purchases and donations of private collections, and when the library attained the potential to serve researchers, management took a decision to open the Yapı Kredi Library in Çemberlitaş on 15 September 1978. This specialty library that possesses a considerable collection of books on literature, history and the arts is a major contribution to the country’s culture and arts.

The library is further enriched with the archives of eminent intellectuals and scholars: Prof M. Fuat Köprülü, Prof Cavit Baysun, Falih Rıfkı Atay, Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver, İsmail Hikmet Ertaylan, Küçük Sait Paşa, Şevket Rado, Vedat Nedim Tör, Yaşar Nabi Nayır and Yahya Kemal Beyatlı. A film screening hall and a children’s library completed the facilities.

The Yapı Kredi Sermet Çifter Research Library was formed by moving the Çemberlitaş library to the present site on 29 July 1992. The library, a part of the Yapı Kredi Culture Arts Publishing Co. was restructured in 2000 into a research library specialising in history, the arts, literature and Istanbul. Resolutely expanding its collection and improving its service quality, our library is unsurpassed in its field, and has now become one of the top establishments in the country. The library has been named in honour of Sermet Çifter, the first General Manager of Yapı Kredi Bank.