Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts  Publications’ events, which started in 1992 with “Tuesday Sessions” and instantly became a Beyoğlu classic, bring together art enthusiasts who long for detailed conversations over culture, arts and literature. From film to theatre, from plastic arts to graphic arts, from photography to archeology in almost every venue that envelops representation of life, concerning the topics that interest large crowds as well as small groups, our events also involve many sides of literature and invites the reader to read both between and outside of the lines. Workshops, dialogs on contemporary art and history, conversations on archeology and photography that contain different braches of art and culture are amongst our events that attract attention. Every years over 200 culture and arts events are presented to art and especially literature enthusiasts in Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations.


Portiko Readings and Performances

Along with the exhibition programme, Yapı Kredi Gallery is launching a public programme at the entrance of the building named Portico, which opens onto Istiklal Street.   

“Portiko Readings and Performances” is nourished on the threshold between street and building, public space and institution, and includes diverse disciplines such as art, science, psychology, anthropology, economic and political theories, literature and poetry. The program has two distinct focuses. While bringing together instances of contemporary performance art with the street,  it also questions what it means to read aloud and listen carefully. Performance artists are invited to Portico particularly for their works on architecture and public space, whereas the reading programme includes texts written by or the texts that inspired artists, authors, poets, editors, researchers and culture workers. Portico understands the practice of reading as a performative act and it also allows a space for plural interpretations of a text.

The reading programme is connected with the publishing tradition of Yapı Kredi Culture Arts and Publishing since 1945 and follows a multidisciplinary path that includes books published by Yapı Kredi Publishing, as well as the contents of magazines “cogito”, “kitap-lık” and “Sanat Dünyamız”. Portiko takes into account that Istanbul is a multilingual city and aims at hosting the old and new residents of the city as audience. Portiko invites the visitors of Yapı Kredi Museum, Gallery, YKY Beyoğlu Bookstore and the people among the crowds of the street to take a short break from the daily rush. The programme calls for more space for art and thought amidst the activity and unpredictable dynamics of the Istiklal Street where hundreds of thousands of people pass every day, and is founded on the relationship between building architecture and public space. The programme uses  spaces apart from the gallery and museum and brings together different voices, languages and ideas through body and performance. Prepared by the Yapı Kredi Gallery team, the programme will host culture workers from Germany who come to Istanbul as part of the artist residency programme, in collaboration with Tarabya Cultural Academy. Portico will host the audience twice a month on Wednesdays at 18:00.

Program curators: Didem Yazıcı, Burcu Çimen, Fisun Yalçınkaya
Supporters: Tarabya Cultural Academy
Technics: Aykut Yılmaz

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