• Publications

Our continued support of a vast array of culture and arts activities has always included publications; over the years, a dedicated publishing house within Yapı Kredi ultimately became a necessity. This was the inspiration behind Yapı Kredi Publications.

Our exhibitions to date helped us compile a not insignificant collection, a treasure we have preserved for posterity with exhibition catalogues. Exhibitions, after all, are restricted to a given time/space frame. Catalogues, on the other hand, being preserved in libraries are in view at all times. Catalogues also have the potential to appreciate in value from day to day: “Embroideries, Gilded Metalware, Shadow Puppets, Hoca Ali Rıza”, and “Roman, Ottoman, Principalities, Seljuk and Islamic Coins”, to name but a few. Many of our catalogues are highly sought after, some even finding buyers through secondhand dealers and book auctions.

We have taken even more pains in preparing comprehensive catalogues for exhibitions outside our collections. Given how some exhibitions may never be repeated, it falls upon catalogues and other printed materials to testify to the existence of these collections for the benefit of future generations.

Good design is of paramount importance for our catalogues; each and every one is a bespoke creation to accompany the relevant exhibition. And indeed, the rare object exhibitions and catalogues on Anatolian civilisations our museum hosted attracted a great deal of praise from experts and culture lovers in the country and abroad. At times, these publications have even served as resources for new research.

In many instances, our catalogues and comprehensive books accompanying Turkish artists’ exhibitions were the first time these artists ever appeared in print, either personally, or as publications on their work. These catalogues and books cover every period in Turkish painting, from Osman Hamdi through to contemporary art.

We are dedicated to the creation of lasting and reliable reference materials for art lovers and collectors. That is what has motivated us at Yapı Kredi Publications to transform every exhibition into a publication, a valuable mission that we shall actively continue to pursue.