Embroidery and Fabric Collection

Yapı Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Museum

  • Embroidery and Fabric Collection

The Turkish Folk Dance Preservation Society Yapı Kredi founded in the early 1950s under the guidance of Vedat Nedim Tör has been active throughout the country. The eminent ethnologist and academician Prof Dr Kenan Özbel was commissioned with compiling and collecting regional artefacts at risk of extinction at the time. Embroideries and Fabrics is the largest section of this collection that has been expanded every year.

Alongside this enormous collection of fabrics and brocades is a selection of other precious textiles: nomadic kilims, carpetbags, socks, woven fabrics, needle lace and crochet watch- and tobacco pouches are typical Anatolian hand-crafted items.

The 520-piece Yapı Kredi collection includes embroideries, fabrics and traditional women’s garments; classical Ottoman motifs adorn 18th century linen wraps, mirror coverings, wall hangings, bathrobes, macramé items and clothing, made in various parts of Anatolia and decorated in a variety of techniques.

The gold- and/or silver embroidered velvet kaftans called “Bindallı” meaning ‘thousand branches’, everyday ‘three skirt’ split skirt robes woven in the Üsküdar and Bursa workshops, miscellaneous bridal beadwork accessories, gold- and/or silver embroidered silk cushions and sofa throws in the traditional Anatolian women’s clothing section cast a light on the handicrafts, tastes and fashions of the past.

Collection Highlights