2/14/2018 - 4/27/2018

Chasing a Coin

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art

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Signs, Traces and Stories

Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts is hosting three contemporary art projects inspired by Yapı Kredi Coin Collection between February 14th-April 27th.

The exhibition consists of displaying some part of the coin collection and bringing it together with the three contemporary art projects inspired by Yapı Kredi Coin Collection. The artists, invited in 2013 by recommendation of Basak Senova, carried out research on the coin collection as well as the general practice of coin collecting. In her work titled “From One Hand to Another, From There to Yonder,” consisting of her mechanical sculpture and drawings, Hera Bu¨yu¨ktasçıyan recalls a significant adulteration incident in the Ottoman history. Ali Taptık, in his photographic installation and the accompanying text called “Topography of Apophenia” ruminates on the relationship between treasure hunting and mental health. On one side he follows the visual traces of treasure hunting events, on the other, he hides a map of his own lost treasure’s location among the images. Marco Di Giovanni creates imaginary maps with sixty annual diaries, representing the age of the Yapı Kredi Coin Collection. He places all the agendas, open on the same page showing the whole planet divided into time zones, indicating the symbolic value of money which has been the first step towards globalization.


Başak Şenova

Exhibition Highlights