9/22/2020 - 11/27/2020

Deniz Gül, Meydan

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art

  • Deniz Gül, Meydan ana resim

“Meydan”, area, the place where one is and its environment, in public, the place of encounters, possibility, time, stage, in sight, the place a call is made, open space, the place where people meet, where one is seen, one that is shown.

Deniz Gül’s site specific installation “Meydan” encompasses her recent works in which she seeks occasions to examine the interrelations of the becoming of a corporeal being, in the form of writing. While suggesting approaching surfaces as the space opened by proximity and touch, Gül is interested in the possibilities of conceiving writing as a form of touching.

The works in “Meydan” are linked with Deniz Gül’s long walks in and through affecting forms in urban spaces. While going into the peculiar, almost suspect arrangements necessitated by cohabitation and related imponderable interactions, Gül traces poetry.

Gül, with her works “Passage”, “Scum”, “Edge”, “Step”, “Reflector”, “Line”, and “Pack” invites the visitor to move across surfaces traversing gaps, dents, bumps, frictions, tears and reflections. The gaze touches contingent surfaces.

In Deniz Gül’s oeuvre, surface is the trans-layer of materiality. The agencies, potentials and intensities of materiality are on the surface. They are in relation to the surface and are of the surface. Surface is the contingency of things, materialities and corporealities. Matter and body comes into existence by way of surfaces. Tackling objects, materials and spaces, Gül forwards and observes what is written on surfaces, sensing their intensities, interactions and transitions. The line shifts the gaze from one place to another. Edges, corners, folds, embedded pieces, overlaps and the linear relations among these is where she trains her gaze. 

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Kevser Güler

Installation Photos