4/14/2016 - 5/3/2016

With Love

Beşiktaş Council Fulya Arts Centre

  • Behçey Necatigil 100 yaşında ana resimler
  • Behçey Necatigil 100 yaşında ana resimler

Behçet Necatigil at 100

The great Turkish poet Behçet Necatigil is commemorated with a comprehensive exhibition on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The photo-biographic exhibition largely using family archive materials presents Necatigil’s life like a reel of film. The photographs, documents, handwritten texts, poems, letters, books and personal effects on show are also accompanied by his popular poems, verses and reviews of his work.

Behçet Necatigil meets his fans in his very own Beşiktaş, the district that exemplifies his poems and his life.

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